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This page contains several downloadable mp3's (zipped). These files are ment to serve as a CD-preview, so if you like them, buy the CD. You're only allowed to download them if you delete them within 24 hours from your PC. You're not allowed to use these files for illegal activaties, such as burning them on a CD(-rom).

Have fun listening to some good music!

Miscellaneous tracks

Rainforest Download 'Lost'
Whitecross Download 'Goodbye Cruel World'
World Wide Message Tribe

Download 'Frantik-Remix'
Download 'Love is the Greatest'

Raze Download 'Can you hear me now'
Delirious? Download 'Come like You promised'


My present favourite:


Iona with the
All Souls Orchestra

Woven Cord

Magnificent live CD which reflects the capabilities of Iona. It gives you the feeling of really being present at the concert.

Download 'Man' (12 Mb!!)
Download 'Dancing on the wall'

My recent choices


Erik Wagter-Vocals
Wilco Spaans-Guitars
Stephan Wind (Yeah, it's family)-Bass
Remko Dekker-Drums

Melodic rock with sometimes an acoustic touch, from one of the Netherlands big cities: The Hague. It doesn't need an explanation, just listen to it!
Download 'Baby'
Download 'Coil'


when morninglight breaks in our room
it starts another day with you
my baby

you're the one He gave to me
when we're together it makes three
you're my baby
my baby
i want all the world to see
that you're my baby
sunlight in your eyes brings me in a
daydream, daydream
maybe i'm only dreaming but let me be dreaming
when we talk of little boys
them running 'round with little toys
we are dreaming

your voice on the phone
it keeps me going
saying see you soon
it keeps me knowing
knowing that you
are the only one

you're my baby
when morninglight breaks in our room (the only one)
it starts another day with you
and you're the one He gave to me (the only one)
when we're together it makes three (the only one)
we are dreaming (you are the one, the only one)


Urbi et Orbi

Gerald van der Grijn-Vocals
Joep van Binsbergen-Lead guitar
Richard van der Grijn-Rhytm guitar
John-Paul Stam-Bass

Acoustic rock with funny, sometimes cynical lyrics. You should go and see them live! 
Download 'Misunderstood'
Download 'To Laurent'


My personal historie


Stryper - To hell with the devil The very first album I got was 'To hell with the devil' by Stryper. I was thirteen years old. Stryper was the pioneer concerning the White(gospel)-Metal. From then on collecting White-Metal became my hobby. 
Download 'Can't stop the Rock'
Kings' X - Faith, hope, love My very first 'non-christian' album was 'Faith, hope, love' by Kings' X. The first time I heard them was on the radio with the song 'moanjam' and I loved it, so I bought the album. Later on I found out that the members of this band were christians, and you can hear that in their lyrics. 
Download 'Moanjam'
DC Talk - Free at last Later on my taste for music became more divers. I bought albums of DC Talk, Iona, Echt, Himlaväsen, etc., etc. 
Download 'DC Talk - Mind's Eye'
Saviour Machine - 2 Now I've over hundred CD's and more than fifty LP's. One of my favourites is Saviour Machine 2. The first time I heard them was at a live concert in Zwolle and their show was really impressive.